Healthy Work-Place Charter

The Healthy Workplace Charter is the London Mayor’s scheme to support employers to create healthy, productive working environments and a healthier, happier workforce. While this charter focuses on London it is applicable for businesses across the UK as it sets out the standards that businesses and organisations can aim to meet in order to improve the environment in which security staff work and their wellbeing. Meeting this standard means that a business or organisation can receive an official accreditation (and... View Article


9 Ways To Detect Concealed Handguns

Of the many ways to detect whether or not a concealed firearm is being carried, the most obvious is to conduct a meticulous body search or use modern technology such as metal detectors, scanners and X-rays. It is, however, possible to detect those tell-tale signs with simple observation techniques. How can police or Security tell? The following list of visual clues is based on information and hard-won experience from police officers around the world: 1) A coat or jacket may... View Article


Handgun Laws

Concealed handguns are an enormous problem to law enforcement officers, security professionals and ordinary citizens worldwide. Whether you are a police officer, a soldier or a bank robber, if you carry a firearm as a tool of your trade there are two simple rules to remember: 1) Take it with you when you go to work. 2) Keep it in a safe and convenient place until you need it. Whoever you are and whatever your motives are for carrying a... View Article


Emergency Trauma Packs ETPs

Each pack is stocked with a collection of specialist medical equipment to treat casualties, with the location of the kits plotted on a map so that the City of London Police control room are able to make use of the packs in the event of a major incident. By having fully-stocked Emergency Trauma Packs on their premises, first responders, businesses, and members of the public will have the tools readily-available to respond in the event of an emergency. In addition... View Article