Stewarding is a service which ensures that everyone who attends an event is safe. Stewarding can be arranged for a festival, a sports event, a concert or perhaps any form of indoor or outdoor gathering which is expected to attract a big crowd.

They protect the crowd, they ensure that they are in the right areas and they are there to pick up on any potential risks, issues or threats that could occur during the event.

What are the benefits of arranging Stewarding?

Whilst some security services are good to have, Stewarding is necessary. You cannot run an event without having people on hand to direct, guide and protect the crowd.

Stewarding is also a visible presence in order to try to stop issues within the crowd. They are often dressed in bright colours or particular clothes which make sure that they are seen, and that members of the crowd knows where to head if they have an issue or see something that is concerning to them.

In this day and age, when security is a concern for many people. Having Stewarding at your event can really help people to feel safe and secure whilst they are there.