Deep Cleaning

Winns has a team of dedicated in-house trained personnel who are able to provide one-off works and deep cleaning operations for all your hygiene areas from washrooms to kitchens. Winns has over 20 years of experience in providing commercial clients with deep cleans to the standard required by government food hygiene specifications.


A regularly, maintained, high quality carpet will look good in 10 years time if maintained correctly. Winns believe this is one area where clients can make substantial, long term savings as a regular, efficient and effective carpet cleaning program can save tens to thousands of pounds in the long term.

Winns provide a full and detailed program of work to all its customers on request for all types of carpets.


Our quality kitchen cleaning service is tailored to your requirements, from the cleaning of individual equipment items to a full kitchen deep clean.

The use of steam power enables us to hygienically clean and sterilise almost any piece of equipment, while being environmentally friendly and eliminating the use of most detergents.

All surfaces that come into contact with food can influence the general level of bacteria in the kitchen and as such should be sanitised as well as cleaned at regular intervals in order to remove the chance of growth of the dangerous types of bacteria. Although sanitising is not a substitute for cleaning, it reinforces and extends the benefits of effective cleaning.

If you need a regular maintenance clean or a one-off deep clean, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01702 719100