Security for Engineering and Construction Sites

Security for Engineering and Construction Sites

Security for Engineering and Construction Sites

As building and construction sites contain a lot of valuable equipment and quality materials, these sites are a target for thieves. If proper security measures are not put in place, thieves can access these areas and cost the company and economy thousands of pounds worth of damage.

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The Risks of Not Implementing Tough Security Measures

One can argue that the cost of security is the same or maybe even more than the potential cost of thievery. However, there are many more costs to the consequences of not considering tough security measures.

Primarily the company’s reputation can be called into question. As equipment and materials go missing, more time is needed to get jobs done due to the time and resources needed to replace items. This puts into question the construction company’s commitment and reliability.

Surprisingly, there are cases where thieves have sued and tried to sue the company they tried to steal from because the premises were unsafe or didn’t follow the correct safety standards and measures.

Potential Consequences of Not Having Tight Security Around Premises


For reasons of boredom, anger or even vengeance, vandalism on construction sites is a common occurrence. Reasons vary therefore the number of threats are high.


While not as common, high profile projects will have serious concerns with terrorists. They may set up and coordinate acts of terrorism inside the buildings, wait for the construction to complete and cause serious damage once the building is complete or building is populated.


Those with the intention of committing arson attacks, won’t need to gain entry to the site. Tough security measurements also need to be implemented outside the perimeter to protect the area from outside threats.


Most crimes of burglary happen because of the opportunity to take something. As sites are constantly changing and people are constantly moving in and out, thieves can spot opportunities to take small equipment that has been forgotten for a few minutes.

Fuel is particularly popular as it is easy to take, easy to carry and of high value.


Protesters campaigning against the construction and wanting to halt its progress.

Mental Health Issues

Vulnerable children, teenagers and adults who aren’t aware of the dangers, may gain access and pose a serious risk to themselves. Again the construction company is liable for damages. Officials will carry out assessments and more headaches will crop up causing a strain on the project’s deadline, a strain on the finances and a strain on the company’s reputation.

All of these occurrences can be avoided if professional security measurements are in place before, during and after construction.

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